Welcome to Home and Office Cleaning done correctly at Mrs Clean Perth Amboy.

We actually care about doing a good quality cleaning job for you and your family.

All the girls are Trusted, Reliable and Professional.

We bring the supplies needed to do a proper job.

Celebrating our fourth year in our home and office cleaning business we have learned a few things.

We strive to be on time, every time. We know you have a schedule. We do too. That is why we do our best to be a few minutes early. When we arrive we are going to first come in and look around if you are a first time customer. Once we see our areas to be cleaned we will promptly go out to our vehicle and get the supplies needed. We come in with everything necessary to do a proper cleaning job for you.

We work our magic.

We usually work from top to bottom. So we like to start upstairs and work our way down. We like to complete one room at a time so it is easier to track our work and make sure we don’t forget anything. One room at a time we methodically move along at a good pace. Taking care to do a thorough cleaning as we go. If for any reason you would like us to start in a different area of the house, please let us know. We are happy to accommodate your requests.

Cleaning Supplies

Typically, we use the same cleaning supplies you might use. We do not bring in industrial chemicals in to your home. We buy our supplies at the same places you buy your things like Walmart and Home Depot.

We often use a light bleach solution for sanitizing as we clean. We use the same green scrubby pads you might use to clean a stovetop. We know what solution to use on each different surface. We often clean Granite, Real Wood Flooring, Marble, Stainless Steel and many other surfaces that need professional care to be cleaned properly.

Some people prefer us to use their cleaning products. We are happy to do that as well.


We are happy to say we are a very pet friendly company. We love animals too. We know to look out for them and we won’t let them out. Please be sure to tell us there is going to be a loose pet at home so we can be on the lookout from the time we open the door in case you are not going to be home when we arrive.


We like it when the clutter is removed before cleaning. It helps the job move along quicker and you get a better job cleaning. If you hire us to de clutter then please make sure to direct us as to where the things belong so you are not having to hunt for them after we leave.

We are happy to report that we customize a cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Some clients like every week where as others like every few months. We fit a price that reflects how often you use our service and the condition of the home when we visit. We also do one time cleans as well as move in and move out cleans. We clean up after construction too. We have been known to wipe walls, ceilings and clean the hard to reach windows as well.

Office Cleaning

We service the entire area with house, apartment, townhouse, condo, office, retail and commercial cleaning. We are able to service daily, weekly or bi – weekly or whatever your needs are. We customize a price in relation to your exact needs. There are no contracts just agreements.

Apartment Cleaning

Apartments cleaning is where we got our start. We service the top floors via stairs too. Let us know if there is a building number in case we forget to ask. We want to make it as easy as possible for the girls to find you.

Store Cleaning

Retail is another specialty of ours. We can visit 2 or 3 times a week if you like. We sweep, dust, vacuum, mop or whatever your particular needs are. We empty the trash just like an office cleaning and can do all the required dusting as well.

Professional Cleaners

We are sending a professional cleaner to you. They come with all the proper equipment to do a great job cleaning. We arrive on time and ready to work. We are happy to be there and are family people just like you. All the girls know what to use on whatever surface. All of the girls have been screened by the owner and have passed all the tests with flying colors. We actually care about making you happy. We want you to feel like you can wholeheartedly refer us to all your friends with no reservations. This is one way we get a lot of business is by referrals.


We are open from 8am to 8pm every day. But we might work before and after those published hours. We clean many buildings before and after normal hours as the need arises. We are ready to assist when you have the need for our service. Please call to discuss all your cleaning needs with one of our qualified cleaners today.